SYSL Seasons

SYSL offers player training throughout the year for your child to improve their soccer skills.

Fall Season

This is the regular recreation season and is held from November to mid-February of each year under the Gulf Coast Youth Soccer Association(GYSA).  SYSL registration for this season starts in August of each year.  Team practices start during October and games are on Saturdays starting in November.

Spring Season

This training season is designed for individual training for all skill levels and usually starts in April.  SYSL registration for this season starts in February of each year.  Your child will have the opportunity to improve the individual soccer skills with SYSL coach led drills and exercises to help them grow as a better player.

Summer Season

This season is held during June and July is designed to continue individual training for all skill levels with the addition of training on the team level.  SYSL registration for this season starts in April of each year.  Each player will focus on putting their skills to work with a team to help them become a better player during the game.

It is important for players to continue practice and training throughout the year to retain and implement the instruction they have received and also to continue learning new skills and grow stronger.  Make sure you help your child by keeping them involved and touching the ball!